I can’t believe it’s been so many months since I posted. Chalk it up to never getting around to installing internet at my new house, not wanting to access the blog at the office, not wanting to update the blog on my phone (which is what I had been doing and am doing now), and forgetting to update when I happen to take the laptop to a coffee shop.

Since my last post, life has been eventful. Some of these things are old news but I’m too lazy to read my last few posts from my phone and figure out what I’ve written about already.

– I got a new job.
– I bought a house.
– I dated an emotionally unavailable older man and broke up with him. 
– Cutie moved away.
– My Original FWB and I have become great friends. Sometimes we stay the night together and cuddle in the nude. But we don’t have sex.
– I went to Las Vegas with some girlfriends and drank alcohol for the first time since Christmas 2011. I haven’t been so drunk since my 20s and I haven’t had much to drink since then.
– I fell during a run and fucked up my right hand.
– I dated another guy for a bit and he was too fucked up to continue with.
– I almost went out with a hot 25 year old but he drove me crazy with his immaturity.
– My new car was involved in a hit and run right before Christmas and then was vandalized on New Years Day.
– The Ex came back into my life.
– I’ve made new, awesome friends.
– I discovered a love for gardening.
– My father was found dead in his house on Valentines Day of complications from the flu. He disinherited me. We had been estranged for awhile. I’m still processing this one.
– I got my dog neutered.
– I’ve got SAD really bad this year and I can’t wait for Spring.
– I turned 38.
– At the age of 44 my sister got married to a man she met on the Internet a couple years ago.
– I decided that my life now, my happiness, is better than any relationship, so I’ve pretty much stopped dating.

More to come…