Older and wiser…that’s me!

So the “great” guy that I was seeing ended up not being so great afterall. Well, I guess it isn’t fair to say that since he was a nice guy, just not emotionally available. As I had guessed somewhat early on, he was recently out of a relationship. It was too much too soon and then as fast as it came on he lost interest. I pretty much knew this was happening and instead of feeling awesome I felt cautious. I never lost myself in the situation. I also never slept with him.

When he went from 60 to 0 in about a week I ended it and then the truth came about the ex and how he thought he was ready but clearly is not. He asked to remain friends and date when he is ready but I said no. Too much drama and I could never trust him.

I’m not pissed because not long ago I was there, too. I’m happy with myself for taking things slow despite his push and for not falling for it. I know he didn’t mean to do it but he also didn’t mean half the shit he said to me. How could he when he had known me for all of one or two weeks?

Even though I am fine with it and I love my life so being alone is certainly not the worst thing to happen, it just goes to show how much dating can suck. Lots of false starts and wasted time. But, as least I have learned when to fold so as not to waste even more time.


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