Do good things happen in threes, too?

I always hear about bad things happening in threes. Do good things happen in threes, too?

I have yet to complete the house process. The appraisal is tomorrow. Cross your fingers that all goes well for me, will you?

My new job begins on Monday. I think it will be a good great thing. I’m taking a risk, as we all do, when starting a new job. Which is both scary and exciting. I have updated my wardrobe a bit since my position is more open to the public. I also spent the remainder of my FSA money on a new pair of glasses that make me look way smarter than I am. Hopefully it works.

Finally, this new guy . . . what can I say? We had our official first date yesterday. He drove from his suburb on the east side to mine on the west side to pick me up. Then, he drove us to our destination which was pretty much in the middle. I chose the restaurant and picked a place that was comfortable, not too expensive, easy, and interesting. He chose an activity (mini-golf) that we could walk to from the restaurant. He was kind and sweet, stole a kiss whenever possible, and was affectionate and very chivalrous. At the end of our evening he walked me to my door and kissed me good night. Then, he followed up with a text this morning to say hello.

Luckily I’m so busy with other things that I’m not obsessing over it. I’m just “being” and allowing nature to take its course. If anything, when I’m with him I already miss my old (as in, current) life of independence, friends, and me time. But I suppose I’m already getting ahead of myself. I don’t think of Cutie so much these days and he’s obviously not thinking of me, either. So, that’s good, too.


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