Long drive

Long drives make for lots of thinking.

Tonight on the way back from visiting a friend, I realized something. It’s both embarrassing and enlightening.

I value people — men, anyway — for the wrong reasons.

I value men who don’t value me.

I don’t value myself at all.

I deserve better.

If I want to have a healthy, happy relationship, I need to drop those men who use me, value the men who treat me well, not find value in men for stupid reasons (looks, money, charm), and value myself. A relationship is not a priority for me right now, but until I do these things I will never have one that works.


3 thoughts on “Long drive

  1. Hi, I m also 36 and single. I have been through the same with regards to relationships. I spent 11 years of my life with a guy who cared for me less than a paper bag! I gave him my youth, my looks, my money …the lot! I ve been single for 2 years now and have found it very difficult to meet anyone. Maybe its me, but I feel like I m becoming invisible!

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