Oh my god

I had a date from OK Cupid last night. While he was a nice enough guy, I think we would probably spend our time together arguing about religion. I don’t mind religion as I am a “to each their own” kind of person, but I despise blanket statements. For instance, at one point he said that god was responsible for everything that happens. I said, “Everything?” and he said, “Yes.” When asked about bad things, he said that the people who do bad things don’t have god in their lives. I asked about the victims of those bad things. No answer. I then asked him about terrorists who do what they do because of god — their god, anyway. No answer. And then I asked him about athiests and why they aren’t all murderers. I may have been OK with it had he actually been someone who was at least pragmatic in his religion, but he believes that the times in his life when he has been a not so great person were due to the lack of god in his life. I can’t get on board with that excuse idea.


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