Hello, September

Summer is long gone, so it seems. Boy, that was over fast.

My new job begins in two weeks. I close on the house (still in progress — so fingers crossed!) in less than a month.

To help with my finances when it comes to this house buying ordeal, which is a huge pain in my ass by the way, I sold my engagement ring and matching wedding band on eBay. It was hard to part with, not because of who bought it for me, but because I really liked them. They were my dream wedding set. But, maybe it was also the letting go part. Letting go of one chapter and moving onto the next. It’s been all kinds of scary lately, let me tell you.

The thought of a new job, new people, and a new commute is scary. As is the thought of a new neighborhood, new home, new lifestyle. I will have weeds to pull and grass to mow, and I can’t call the nice maintenance folks when something breaks. It can be overwhelming at times but never once have a asked myself if this is the right thing to do. It is.

Cutie is MIA and I haven’t reached out to him. Nor do I plan on it.

I never did get around to deleting my OKCupid account and I ended up getting a message from a guy that seemed nice and not ugly. We’re meeting for a drink tonight.


3 thoughts on “Hello, September

  1. Sounds like you are making some courageous steps in life. Bravo! Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone builds confidence. Glad things ate working out well!

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