Life is good – slash – crazy right now!

I found a house and while it was not love at first sight when I finally got inside (it’s vacant and I spent some time roaming around the property), I thought about it a lot, lost some sleep over it, and googled the hell out of things like “how much does it cost to refinish wood floors?”, new bathroom vanities, moulding options, “what is the crime rate in zip code …?”, beaded board dining rooms, and “how to repair broken window seal?” I went back a second time, this time dragging my mother along. I went back a third time, dragging my BFF with me. And, today, I made an offer. I should know more tomorrow. I’m excited, scared, nervous, and feeling really grown-up all of a sudden. I’ve owned a house before, but only because I refianced it with a partner. They were not homes that I would ever choose to own, so even though I’ve been an owner, this is way different, and way better. It helped me to not settle because I know what I want and what I don’t. Of course, I had to stay within my budget which means that the house is kind-of in the ghetto, it’s as big as a crackerjack box, and needs some work. It’s an investment. When the market is in my favor I will rent it out and purchase something maybe better and maybe bigger depending on my life at the time. If things continue to go well for me, I can do it again, and who knows, maybe again? And, when I’m getting ready to retire it will be paid off and I can live in it, continue to rent it for income, or sell it if that means a good payout. We’ll just have to see what the future holds. I’m terrible at saving, so this is a good option for me, it seems.

My love life is non-existant beyone the occasional Cutie moment. I’m still on AFF but completely ignoring it and am going to let it lapse. I received an offer of sex for money and the funny thing is that with the down payment on the new house, moving expenses, and having to purchase a washer and dryer right away, I did think about it for like three seconds. Obviously I decided that it would not be a good idea for reasons to numerous to count.

Speaking of love lives, my sister got engaged. She is in her mid-40s, divorced for about five years, and has a child living with her. Her fiance is a nice enough guy. It gave me some hope that perhaps there is a chance for me, too.

I should hear about the job on Friday. If I receive an offer I will be happy but due to the nature of the pay structure and my (possible) home purchase, I will have to do some heavy negotiating. While I’m not in love with my job and have no clue what the future holds, I feel OK right now so at least I have something to hold onto in the meantime. OK is not a great feeling, especially with the possibility of taking on a mortgage, but the reason for my little ghetto house is that if I were making unemployment, I could still afford it. The mortgage is as much as my rent.

Last weekend I PR’ed at my race which was surprising because I haven’t been running much. I have been CrossFitting and so this makes sense since the race was just a 5k plus I’ve become more adept at really pushing myself physically due to CrossFit. I was very happy with my performance.

That’s it . . . and I think it’s enough!


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