TGIF – I guess

I’m working hard to get back on the wagon: diet, fitness, sleep, work, etc. I’ve had some good moments. I find that I allow myself — even force myself — to become distracted when I need to push myself, to be uncomfortable. In work, in life, in exercise, everything. I don’t know what that’s about, but I do know that it needs to change.

As I mentioned, I spent some time with my Original FWB. For me, it feels like a real effort. I don’t feel like he’s all that interested. And, frankly, I am not losing any sleep over it. I even told him today that I think he’s still sprung on his ex. He totally is. The bottom line is that unless he decides to make an effort toward me, we’re going to stay friends. That’s OK. He’s a decent guy, a good catch, but I’m thinking he’s not the guy for me, and I’m not the girl for him. I’d try, but it takes two, and I can’t really put any effort into this alone or with someone who does not seem interested.

I met a guy from AFF today. He’s alright. Tomorrow I am meeting someone from OKCupid and I’m sure that it won’t work. Whatever. I’m seeing Cutie tonight, so that’ll make things better. For a few days, anyway.

Oh, and about the job. I did not get it. But, they offered me another one in another state. I told them if they would pay my relocation I would consider it. I don’t think they will and now that I’ve said it, I’m a little nervous because it’s a place I don’t think I could live. I should hear more on Monday. Good news is that if an opening ever comes up locally, they would take me. Anyway, the reason they did not choose me is understandable.


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