Yesterday I drove nearly four hours to a job interview, which meant I was up at 5AM. I was nervous as hell as I want this job really, really bad, and it was my final interview for the position. I was placed in front of eight people in real-time and one over video-conference for two-and-a-half hours of interogation questions. I can’t say that I nailed each question 100% but I nailed at least 90% of them. The group was actually quite nice and collectively had a great sense of humor. The first 15 minutes were tough but after that it was smooth sailing with a couple minor glitches here and there.

As soon as that was through, I got back in my car to drive another nearly four hours back home to attend a giant retirement party. All of the socializing and yelling over the music was exhausting on top of the drive and the interview. Somehow I woke up this morning and made it to work earlier than usual. I’m looking forward to getting out of here (I’m not getting any work done, obviously), slipping into my pjs, and laying on the sofa while eating some carbs in front of a couple good DVDs.

I hope to hear about the position late next week. Keep your fingers crossed for me! If this one does not pan out, I am still waiting for a potential call-back for another one and I just heard about a position opening up locally. The other local position is not something I want. Long story, but just glad I figured it out before taking a position there.

My Original FWB is still driving around aimlessly and camping at random places trying to get through his break-up or whatever. Cutie and I have been in touch briefly but nothing about getting together. So, that’s good because I’m not quite ready to make that decision anyway. However, when Cutie popped back into my life it got me thinking about sex. I haven’t had sex in over two months! Naturally, I re-opened my AFF profile. Why be lonely and sex-free until I meet someone special? Since I’m completely giving up online dating when my subscription expires in a month or so, this “meeting someone special” deal could take awhile! Might as well take advantage of the opportunity while I still can — that’s how I see it.

Speaking of online dating, I think I have a meeting tomorrow. But, whatevs . . . And, someone decent contacted me on despite my nasty profile. I’m not sure what that means.


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