Oh, wow, where to start?

I took two days off work (plus the weekend) to do get away from it all, visit old friends, and have a couple job interviews up north. I did not bring my laptop and if I didn’t have to have my cell phone I would have left that too. I left my cell phone in the guest house of my friend’s place where I was staying unless I was out and about in my car and needing GPS.

Seeing my old friends was such a blessing. Two I hadn’t seen since the late 90s and one I hadn’t seen in five years. It was like nothing ever changed, except we’re older. We had fun catching up and talking about the old days. I was invited to a supper club where I met some new people and ate some great food. I spent a lot of time outside, got some sun, even napped on a park bench. I slept like a baby each night, allowing all of my stress and thoughts to move to the far reaches of my mind. It was so nice to just be. Of course, on two of the three nights I received texts from both my Original FWB and Cutie . . . However, I did not let them get to me or take up much rent in my head.

The job interviews seemed to go well. One is for a local job with a firm who’s corporate is up there that I have been doing a dance with since January. The second is for a firm up north that is not my first choice but it’s a good position with a great company nonetheless. I’m hoping to be able to go on a second and final interview on the same day with them (it’s three hours each way via car as long as there is no traffic so I try to really pack it all in). Though everything felt good, like a first date you don’t really know how things went until you get the call. I go back up for the day later this week for a final interview with yet another firm. This is the job I really want. Tonight after work I’ll see what’s been happening in the employment world since I went offline last Thursday and see if I can send off more resumes and perhaps get another meeting while I’m there.

I have dropped out of the dating world for the most part. Three men have had the balls to email me since I posted my snarky profile on Match.com. They are men who probably email everyone. One was really fat, one was weird, and the other comes with a ton of baggage. No thank you! I received some winks and as a rule I just delete those. Someone from OKCupid (I have deleted my profile) texted me and I couldn’t remember who he was so he emailed me his profile and photos. Maybe I’ll go out with him once. I don’t know . . . I’m just not in that mode at the moment.

I haven’t told many people about my possible move up north. I don’t need anyone in my life to start to disengage from me. I’ve moved enough times to know how it works. I also don’t want to get people worked up over it just for it to not happen. There is a possibility that none of these potential positions will work out for me for a variety of different reasons. And, there is a possible position locally that I would consider if they threw an offer at me. There is also a possibility that I could receive two or three offers both locally and up north and while that would be a great position to be in, it would also be overwhelming a tough decision to make. I’m trying not to think about it too much because I really don’t know how this is going to go.

I have a shit-load of work from my time off that I need to catch up on. Next post I will update you about my Original FWB and Cutie.


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