Much better

I deleted my OK Cupid profile. I would have deleted my profile too, but it’s paid through the end of July and I can’t not use it, that would be a waste. However, I will change my profile to be as honest as I can be without coming across as a total bitch and that will most likely guarantee zero responses or maybe just responses from total weirdos which can be fun. I told one guy that I was talking with that I was done and probably moving anyway and he was pretty cool. In fact his response got me to thinking and I realized that I have never dated someone who I met at a bar, grocery store, or in passing. Always they have been men that I’d at least kinda known through school or through work. The only internet dating I have done has been sexual. In that case they come back for more if they are comfortable, they find you at least somewhat attractive, and you are willing to put out. However, over time, they have all ended up relationships, with the guy having feelings for me, or a frienship. So, unless I meet someone online who isn’t looking for instant chemistry or having his socks knocked off in an hour or less, online dating definitely won’t work for me.

But, instead of worrying about dating, I’m focusing on my upcoming job interviews. I have a lot on my plate at my current job. I also have another half-marathon coming up and need to keep my rear in gear for that because there is nothing — NOTHING! — worse than running 13.1 miles when you’re not in shape for it. I’m also stressing about where I might live if I move. That’s totally putting the cart before the horse, but where I live is very important to me. I will not commute more than 15 minutes and I despise the deep ‘burbs commuting lifestyle. I will live in a $1,200 per month 300 square foot apartment near the office in a great area before I live in a cheaper, bigger place far from the office in the suburbs.

Also, I’ve realized that while I’m thinner than I was, I’m still not thin. I have some more weight to lose and that is another focus. Even though my clothing size is small, I’m short and have a large frame for my height so extra weight does not sit well on me. I’m in shape and in fact, when I took a first date on a hike he was huffing and puffing as I led the way and chatted without any heavy breathing. His body type was “athletic and toned” while mine was “average” but I am in better shape than he is. Go figure. I hate that a guy would choose a thin woman even if she was lazy as hell and couldn’t run a quarter of a mile (skinny-fat) over a woman who is more average in size and can run a half-marathon. This world we live in is kinda fucked-up.


3 thoughts on “Much better

  1. When I deleted my POF account, my anxiety and irritation subsided. It was just too much! I put online dating on the backburner for the summer. I do, however, have my stalker from OkCupid, so that little residue remains on the surface (i will be changing phone numbers soon as a result). Good luck on your interviews….do well!

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