No love

I have not heard from any of the guys from Sunday with the exception of the Proceed With Caution guy who took me to dinner and texted me on Sunday night to tell me that he had a good time.

I have not heard from my great date from Tuesday. This one is such a bummer!

I have not heard from the guy I thought was cool who I had coffee with a couple weeks ago even though he checks out my profile on a regular basis.

All of my online emails/potential dates have suddenly gone completely dry.

I received emails from three men yesterday who were either weird or fat (a few extra pounds is not 40 pounds all in the belly people!).

I really need to get laid.



7 thoughts on “No love

  1. Hey – bumbed into your Blog and throughly enjoyed reading them, mostly how you express the way you feel in a real way. Hope things get better and that this phase will pass away quickly. When you do get laid soon hope it feels “ah it was worth this wait” . Keep going. Jacob

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