I can’t stop smiling

I had a first meeting tonight with a guy from Match.com. And, wow, I’m already kinda smitten with him. There wasn’t this sexual chemistry/connection that people look for — not that kind of “wow” date. It was the kind of date where you find yourself enjoying it and not thinking about the things you don’t really like about him but wondering if you could get over it should he prove to be a good match. No, he doesn’t have perfect teeth and he has a flat butt. He has two kids and an ex-wife and he lives too far away. But, he’s super cute, sweet, smart, down-to-earth, and just nice to be around. He has that calming happiness that I have been seeking. We have similar outlooks and values and he makes me smile. He’s very cute in an almost boyish way even in his actions.

We met at a restaurant. He beat me there. He had water for us and then we ordered our drinks. We ended up having a light meal and talking for over two hours. Yes, he paid. He walked me to my car and opened and closed the door for me. We hugged good-night and he said he’d like to do it again. Of course, that means absolutely nothing at the end of a date. But, I am hopeful.

This is the first date I can remember when I have been truly excited about someone. Please cross your fingers for me!


5 thoughts on “I can’t stop smiling

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