Slim pickins

I haven’t been too thrilled with the OKCupid options as of late. I receive plenty of emails (not a ton, but plenty) but they are always from men who look old for their age and who wear jeans from Wal-Mart. This tells me two things: 1. they don’t take good care of themselves, 2. I won’t be able to ever wear all of my super cute clothes on our dates, and 3. they are probably boring. I’ve never met a man who buys clothes at Wal-Mart who loves adventure, travel, exotic foods, etc. They usually like to stay home and watch TV and an exciting night out is dinner at Applebees and not even the one in the next town, always the one up the street.

There have been a few men who have emailed me who do not fit this stereotype. One is in an open relationship and looking for someone on the side. That’s fine, but not something I’m into at the moment. One emailed me and basically told me what he thought he knew about me and what I needed (pretty much just some deep-dicking). Obviously a control freak and while I can see how he can charm some women with that type of writing, I can easily see through it. Also, he was a total butterface! Finally, the other one that stands out is a guy who said I had to answer three questions correctly in order for him to know if we’ll get along. This was no joke or attempt at flirting. It was all about music and concerts. I really, truly despise people who think a love of specific music, food, car, movie, etc. equals long-term compatibility. If that were the case, relationships would be so easy. Plus, this guy had all kinds of negatives in his profile which was a real turn-off and indicated to me his lack of emotional availability. Hey, I was angry and bitter about relationships not too long ago, too — I know it when I see it!

The somewhat good news is that I have been communicating (and communicating, and communicating) with a seemingly nice enough guy. Problem is he hasn’t asked me to meet yet and I’m bored with the emails already. Unless he steps up to the plate this one isn’t going anywhere.

I’m still seeing Cutie but I feel like that relationship is missing something so it leaves me a little empty these days. I guess it’s further proof that I’m ready for a relationship. And, truth is, even though I’m moving on, the thing with Runner has got me down. It’s normal, I know, and I’m surprised by how bummed I am. The thing is, I’m not bummed because I’ll miss him or becuase I was falling for him. Mostly, I’m just disappointed in him as a human being. To spend that time together, to start to develop at least a friendship, to invest all that time, and then simply walk away after an intimate moment leaves me feeling sad.


3 thoughts on “Slim pickins

  1. Hi- first sorry to hear you are feeling down- I have been there too. But I am little confused- you have never from Runner since your last date?

  2. I spent a little time on okcupid and the men were slim to none, but I did get a few assholes who told me what they wanted to do to me. I hate that shit. I’m sorry you’re feeling bad, but I get it. You expect people to be like you, honest, straight forward, no bullshit. It’s not asking a lot. Or at least I didn’t used to think it was. I hope your downer like feelings improve and the other guy you’re communicating with steps up and suggests you meet.

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