You win some, you lose some

Runner returned from his trip and when he touched down in the US, he sent me a text. He didn’t set up a date for a day or so and then asked to cook me dinner. We all know that means sex. He came to my place because it worked out better that way. He brought everything including dessert and made me a delicious meal. We had a nice time cooking together and talking, kissing, being affectionate. And, not surprising, we had sex. I considered talking to him about the relationship status beforehand, but then decided that would be weird. I wouldn’t want to claim exclusivity with a guy before seeing what he had to offer between the sheets. Being that first time sex is always awkward, I wouldn’t make up my mind until we’d slept together at least three times anyway. So, I let it go.

He left at 2AM and was sort-of weird about it. Not, “oh shit my wife is going to kill me!” weird but uncomfortable weird. I thought it was odd that he didn’t just stay the night. He had all kinds of reasons not to (not that I asked or begged him to, but he threw them out there). He kissed me good-bye a few times and booked it out the door. It’s 6pm and I have yet to hear from him. What kind of guy sleeps with a woman (after six or so dates, I might add) and doesn’t contact her the following day to say hello and that he had a nice time? A guy whose totally not into you, that’s who.


3 thoughts on “You win some, you lose some

  1. maybe he is playing games with your head to make you a little on edge..and i can tell it’s working haha. I wouldn’t say that he isn’t into you after all he made you dinner! Not many men would do that for any women.. especially if you had a good time being all cute. Another piece of evidence he will definitly call is that you guys had multiple dates which means he wasn’t just in it for the sex. And another posing question…why does he have to call you first? I know from personal experience women making the first move is a big turn on. Did he call you yet?

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