I’m not sure what the deal is, and this might be TMI for some of you, but my cycle is all messed up. Last week when I was having my meltdown I thought it was real because it wasn’t my PMS time. If I have learned anything over the past 25 years or so of periods it’s that my emotional feelings when I’m PMSing are probably not quite accurate. I’ve always been regular so when it’s that time, I won’t let myself get emotional because I 100% always regret anything that comes from my mouth.

Since January, I’ve been early, I’ve been late, I’ve had two periods back-to-back, my boobs have killed me, I’ve had cramps galore, and I’ve bled like a stuck pig. Things seemed to get back on track and my doctor said that everything seemed fine from her perspective, especially now that things were getting back to normal. She also noticed my loss of weight since my last visit and thought that it could be due to that plus my exercise schedule.

When I got my period yesterday morning it hit me that I was such an emotional wreck last week because I was unknowingly PMSing. I thought I was crazy because a few days after my talk with Cutie, I was fine, and just wanted things back to normal. That’s not to say I wasn’t feeling something, I just wasn’t feeling as much as I thought I was feeling. We’ve been texting daily and I told him the good news, which he laughed about. Things seem to be getting back to normal between us and I couldn’t be happier about that.

Runner is on his way back from his work trip from the other continent. We’ve been emailing daily. He texted me when he touched down in the US and wanted to make plans for our next date before he takes off again late next week. It looks like Sunday might be the night.


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