In case you ever wondered whether or not I’m weird . . .

I had a date scheduled with a guy from OK Cupid tonight. Since I was downtown already for an appointment and an earlier social visit, we agreed to meet at a bar close-by at 6:30. I texted him to tell him what I was wearing and that I was standing outside waiting for him. As I was getting ready to leave after waiting for nearly 15 minutes, I saw a man walk out of the bar and turn the opposite way, then turn and run up the street. I recognized him as my date. I was not attracted to him — not at all. I stood there, deciding what to do. I didn’t want to go through with the date now and I thought maybe he had left anyway.

I started walking toward my car, which was the same route he went. At the first block, I could see him running back toward the bar, so I quickly turned the corner and — you won’t believe this — hid between two parked cars so he wouldn’t see me. Once he passed, I realized he was going back to the bar. I assumed he left his phone in his car, didn’t receive my texts, and had been waiting inside.

Of course, then I felt bad. I couldn’t just walk away. So, I went back to the bar, went inside, and walked toward him. I actually walked up behind him. I sort-of stood there because I didn’t want to spend time with him but wanted to take a moment to replace my annoyed, cynical face with my happy face. He was half standing at the barstool and was mesmerized by the television. Not only did I not want to spend time with him, but I didn’t want to spend time with him while he was distracted by the TV. And, it hit me that the reason why he never found me was probably because he never looked — he was too busy having his eyes glued to the fucking television. This reminded me of the Ex, as well as several other really annoying men I’d dated in the past who had a “thing” for the television. I don’t have any television channels because of this, and haven’t for nearly a year.

After standing there and not being noticed for what seemed like a long time, but in reality was probably closer to 30 seconds or so, I turned around and walked out of the bar. As the door closed I looked back to see if he’d turned around, and he did not. He was still watching television.

When I got back to my car he texted me, then called me, then texted some more. I wasn’t going to answer him, but since he seemed genuinely confused I said that after waiting 15 minutes outside and not hearing from him, I decided to leave. He was non-apologetic — more along the lines of defensive. But I just didn’t care.

Weird? Probably.


3 thoughts on “In case you ever wondered whether or not I’m weird . . .

  1. Ugh, men! I’m glad you walked away- if that was any indication of how the rest of your date would have gone, hiding secret-agent style between the two parked cars likely would have been the high point. Chin up chica! I’m confident you’ll meet a man that isn’t a butt-head sometime soon! 🙂

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