When will I ever learn? I met someone from Craigslist last night. He looked nothing like his picture. In his photo he was cute, nothing special, but certainly not unattractive. In person, he looked quite a bit older and wow . . . his teeth! On top of the fact that they were yellow, his front and a side front were grayish-black. I don’t know what that means but it can’t be a good thing! Before meeting I’d told him I didn’t like facial hair (it came up in conversation) and he said he had a little and that he’d shave it off. He didn’t — he had a prison pussy. Gag!

Conversation was OK. I wish I could’ve left early but he ordered a second beer and while he was very unattractive, he wasn’t a jerk, so I couldn’t just leave him at the bar with a full drink. Instead I watched the level go down in his glass and willed him to drink it faster. As soon as he took the last swig, I was off my seat and putting on my coat.

He walked me to my car and I said my good-byes while walking away so he wouldn’t think I’d want to hug or kiss him. While driving home I tried to remember what type of photo he’d sent me and scolded myself for not blowing it up to examine his teeth better. I’ve been burned by the toothless smile photos before! When I got home I pulled up his photo and didn’t really see anything, even when his teeth were the only things I could see on my screen. But then I remembered that he said he used Photoshop for work. Basically, he either photoshopped his teeth or the photo was so old, that it wasn’t there yet. Either way, that’s sketchy and I don’t like it. What a waste of time!


6 thoughts on “Ewww…

  1. Ewwwww on the teeth…that is so uncool of him…you know, I have never met anyone in person that was that bad looking (well except on really creepy one a long time ago) but I’m pretty particular on getting several photos and really examining them. I stayed once when a guy ended up not even being the same person (more on that later in my blog) but I wouldn’t do it again. I say if someone intentionally misrepresents, you should get outta there!

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