Spring has sprung

Even though the weather in the PNW isn’t exactly Spring-like, it’s definitely getting close and I could not be more grateful for the sunshine and flowers. Spring also means that men, apparently, are ready to breed. Or something.

Cutie went on vacation and spent nearly the entire time texting me. I won’t see him for awhile yet. And, I’m still not sure what I’m going to do about things. I think I should just let them happen. He knows I like him, he’s told me he likes me, and now we just let nature take it’s course. Things are going well, why ruin a good thing? I’m going to suggest doing things outside of the bedroom and see how receptive he is and if he’s not receptive at all, then I have some thinking to do. Truth be told I won’t see him much for several months as his work keeps him very busy through the summer.

My original FWB and I are planning on talking tonight on the phone before he takes off out of town for work. He was also on vacation and he did get in touch via email to say hello, but we haven’t seen each other for quite a while. I’m going to basically tell him that I like him, I enjoy sex with him, but I need a little bit more to keep things going with him, even though I’m not looking for a serious relationship. I’m going to try to keep it light (no drama), non-confrontational (not, “You are using me!”) and, I will strive to not go into too much detail, because that’s what I do and then I talk myself into a hole and can’t shut the fuck up.

So, then there is the guy I went to lunch with from AFF last week. It was OK. I Facebook stalked him and turns out he thinks pretty highly of himself, like he’s some model or something. He’s really into clothes, too. Like, weirdly so. In one of his photos he’s doing a professional shoot like a glamour shot. Perhaps it was some kind of a joke photo and you had to know him to determine that. I have no clue. Anyway, we had lunch and he wasn’t that great looking. He looks a lot older than he is (41) and has kind-of a fat, jiggly face, much like my bare ass. His personality wasn’t horrible, but I don’t think we’re much of a match. He did text me to tell me he enjoyed meeting me and wanted to get together again. I said that sounded good, but haven’t heard from him since. It will be a week tomorrow, so who knows.

On Saturday I went to coffee with a guy who walked up to me in a running store, started talking to me, and then decided we should put off our long runs a little big longer and have coffee together. It seemed to go well. We exchanged numbers and have sent the occasional witty text, but he hasn’t asked me out. He’s also out of town at the moment. Anyway, that was interesting, meeting someone in real life versus the internet. He’s pretty cute though not quite what I’d call my type, looks-wise. Attractive, but just different than my usual.

I met another guy from Craigslist (I know, I know!) for dinner the other night. He was super cute and nice . . . but there were some issues with this guy, to say the least. He talked about himself the entire time as well as about his exes. He said that he decided to date again (after a three-year relationship) because he had “put up” with his ex-girlfriend dating again, so he was basically going to “get back at her” and date, too. Huge red flags with this guy. Lots of drama, too. We had some awkward silences which is rare with me. Then, after a few drinks (him, not me) he says that he was thinking about just getting a hotel instead of making his way back home, but only if I would join him. This wasn’t even a Casual Encounters ad. I said no way and when I asked him later why he would make the assumption that I’d spend the night in a hotel with him on our first date, he said he was an optimist. And I never texted him back. I called my BFF after the date to tell her all about it and we laughed and she said, “At least you got a free dinner out of it!” Which was funny, until I noticed the $45 parking ticket on my windshield. Joke’s on me.

Finally, I have a coworker who is on me for a date and it’s just so awkward. I don’t want to date him. I don’t know what to do.

Well . . . that’s all for now.


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