So, how are things going, you ask?

  • I’m getting something like 10 emails per day from AFF. Mostly no one I am interested in. That, or once we exchange a couple emails, he asks me for a pussy picture or does something else just as gross, and I blow him off. Men . . . so stupid!
  • I updated my profile and turned it on. Then I panicked because I didn’t want any of my FWBs to see it and also because I didn’t know what I was thinking. There’s no way that I could have or maintain a healthy relationship at this time and I know I would be miserable trying. I turned it off an hour later.
  • I’m meeting someone from AFF tomorrow for lunch. And another guy for dinner on Saturday. I’m not especially excited about either. I will definitely do lunch tomorrow because it’s easy, but not sure about the dinner date. I might bail on that one.
  • My original FWB has been on vacation for a couple weeks and won’t be home for another week. I haven’t really missed him much. But he did email me from the other side of the world, which was nice of him.
  • Cutie was away for several days, came back, we got together, then he flew off on vacation and will be away for a week. I will miss him.
  • While suffering from insomnia and cruising Craigslist for entertainment, I emailed a guy who I thought was cute, smart, and interesting. He wanted a non-committed relationship because he knows he is emotionally unavailable, like me. My email to him was very brief with photos. I didn’t want to type a novel and not hear from him because he thought I was unattractive. His response was favorable and wanted to know more. I emailed him my Match profile that I’d just re-written. He emailed back a few days later to tell me that he thought I was wonderful, but I have my shit together and deserve someone else with their shit together, and currently he does not. Which made me laugh because, wow, I so don’t have my shit together.

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