Laundry on a Saturday night

I saw my BFF today and yes, it was awkward. I didn’t want to ask about her d-bag new boyfriend, and she didn’t talk about out the d-bagginess that he is, but she did talk about him non-stop. I just need to get over it. If she’s happy, I’m happy for her, and all that jazz.

The awkward guy texted me at 6:30 or so this evening to ask me if it was too late to invite me over. I told him I had plans. Which I do, but I don’t. I could’ve, but I declined, and then I decided to make soup and do laundry. That qualifies as plans in my book. What I don’t get is, if he wanted me to come over this evening, why didn’t he ask me last night? Or today? I guess maybe he had plans that fell through. But, I think this guy watches too many movies or television shows and thinks that a casual relationship means last minute? And only in the dark? Whatever. He needs to grow up.

The best relationships I’ve had in this, um, realm, were basically like real relationships but without the commitment. It’s never been anything tawdry, sneaky, disrespectful or weird. Just a man and a woman, who enjoy eachother and like having sex. No harm, no foul, no odd traditions. It doesn’t make sense to me when people feel the need to make it a bad thing or a “different” thing. It’s just a thing.



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