Sex with the lights on

My original FWB is back in town (and will not be moving, ever, so he says) and we decided to get together last night for a romp. It had been two months since the last time we saw one another and the last time he had sex. I know it sounds bad/selfish but I didn’t want to drive all the way to his place for a five-minute fuck. But, it just worked out that I’d go to him this time, so I sucked it up, and went. What the hell, right?

He was totally hot for me and it was so cute. Even though we’re the same age, he feels younger, I think because he’s less experienced sexually and has this boyish charm and excitement about having sex with me. Then, we had sex with the lights on. The entire time. At first, I was anxious to turn the lights off, and then I just went with it. And it was exhilerating. It’s the first time I’ve had lights on sex in years.

Surprisingly, he had good control and did not cum for a long time. And, as always, we had some good talks afterward and things were good, as they usually are.

I really adore all of “my” men right now.


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