Finally met a d-bag

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Lots going on, but really, same old stuff.

Work is busy and my social life is thriving as much as I want it to. I’m seeing cutie about once a week and things are going really well there. My original FWB isn’t leaving the state . . . yet. Sometimes, when someone interesting gets in touch with me (I reinstated my AFF profile because they charged me, so I figured I should) I will communicate with him and recently, I’ve met two men. Both were OK (well, one was something of a douchebag), but my standards are pretty high and really, Cutie is about perfect as far as this type of arrangement is concerned, so I find myself comparing everyone to him.

The douchebag (referenced above) was, just, ugh. I found him challenging via email, but in a fun way. Unfortunately, when I met him at the bar near my house, he was far more challenging than I’d bargained for. After putting back three scotches or maybe whiskeys, I’m not sure, he indicated that because I told him I only had an hour to spare, we should just cut the shit and get to the good stuff. We did and while it was fun in an awkward way, I was feeling uneasy about someone who was so in my face. I like subtle, sweet, sexy stuff, not blatant. It was interesting, different, maybe a little exciting, so I figured I would consider him.

However, when it was time to leave, even though I told him upfront that I do nothing physical when we meet the first time and please don’t expect it or ask for it, he asked if he could come to my place and watch me masturbate. Promised he wouldn’t touch, just watch. I was reminded of my college years when guys would ask to stay the night “just to cuddle”. I turned him down. Then he started to pressure me. And that really turned me off. I’m a grown woman, not a little girl who can be swayed and pressured to do something I don’t want to do.

Eventually he walked me to my car, we hugged and said good-bye. Then, the texts began. He told me all the places he was planning on cumming inside me and how we don’t need condoms because he had a vasectomy, and finally he asked me to send him a pussy shot. Pig. I never texted him again. And, I think he got the hint.


5 thoughts on “Finally met a d-bag

  1. Wow! So glad I didnt meet him or anyone like him during my time on AFF! Any guy who asked me for a pussy shot, and strangely quite a few did in their first contact, were promptly deleted. Pigs for sure. I never thought about before I read it here, but I am with you. I like subtle, sweet, sexy too!

  2. Hi- You seem like a sweet girl who is trying her best to find her way. But I must admit- when the story of how horrible your ex treated you, I just could not understand why you allowed that relationship to continue as long as it did….
    It does seem like you have a better handle of relationships now, but this whole FWB makes me scared for you. I have read your last post– yes yes you are not ready for a relationship, but it really seems like you are in hiding, hiding away from a boyfriend that could hurt you, hiding from having emotions and feelings.
    Please forgive my bluntness- but are you in therapy of any sort? I think that I really good analyzation of your past will help you move forward.

  3. Hey! DIdn’t your ex boyfriend receive random, unasked for pussy pics? Maybe this guy is not so lucky…
    Be careful girl, sometimes your posts make me worry for you.

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  5. You know, I’m all about sex; I love it! But what makes people (and I will include women because I’m sure some are the same way) think it is acceptable to immediately ask for something like that? Really?

    I have several guys texting or IM’ing me right now, and all they talk about is sex. It is getting boring. I am more than a vagina.

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