My limit

I’ve reached my FWB limit, I think.

I have my original FWB, who still may or may not be moving far, far away, and who I think I will remain in contact with, as we have become good friends.  And yes, I am quite fond of him.

My second FWB is Cutie, who came over again last night.  After three straight hours of fucking, with some cuddling and talking in-between, it was way less impersonal and way more fun than last time. 

Even though Cutie is smart and I think he’s fairly successful, he and FWB are very different.  Cutie is Mr. Sex and FWB is not quite Mr. Sex, more like Mr. Talkative.  They both have big penises (score!) and they are both affectionate and good kissers (score, again!).  Both are also very nice guys, not douchbags (double-score!). 

Cutie is super charming and FWB is a bit more aloof.  Cutie is the really sweet, hot guy that everyone wanted back when we were all young and single.  My FWB is a former nerd who found himself during or maybe after college.  I’m attracted to both types, probably moreso the latter, though the former is always a lot of fun. 

I’m chatting with a few other men, and we’ll see where all of that goes, even though there is no one that is floating my boat at the moment.  And, I’ve put my AFF profile on hiatus.  I received something like 20 emails the other day and decided I didn’t have the time or want to deal with it.  All of those guys will still be there if and when I need them.  There’s no doubt. 

I don’t see my original FWB often because his job has him doing stuff after hours and traveling, plus he’s got himself involved in everything, and Cutie isn’t quite as busy with work and hobbies, so he’s around more.  This could change, of course, as the newness wears off of mine and Cutie’s relationship.  I’m just playing it all by ear.

One thing though, is that I cannot afford distractions right now.  I need to focus on what I’m doing: work, running, health, life, friends, hobbies.  No men, no broken hearts.


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