What’s new?

Nothing, really.

As I mentioned before, I got a little bored with AFF.  Well, maybe more than a little.  And, I took a break, only to have the emails just pile up on me, which stresses me out.  I like to be in control of my in-box!

I was supposed to get together with Cutie on Thursday and go out with the Doctor on Saturday.  I got my period a week early and since these were fucking dates, I cancelled.  I only told the Cutie why because he was pouty as it was a last minute cancel. 

For those who read my blog, you have probably noticed that I’ve become quite fond of my FWB.  So much so, that I’m taking a bit of a step back from that situation.  I don’t know if it’s truly feelings or just me being lonely because it’s dark and gray and this is my first holiday alone in many, many years.  And, he’s considering a move across the country.  I need to focus on other things right now, and falling for my FWB is not one of the things I want to deal with.

I know I’m still not ready to date.  I don’t think I will be for a very long time.  And, I am happy right now, even though I struggle with the weather and the dark.  But, really, who doesn’t struggle with SAD in Oregon (or Washington, or any of the other dark, dreary states)?  It’s a lot like PMS . . . when I get sad, angry, hungry, irritable, emotional, etc., during that time, I need to let it pass before I do anything major, because chances are, it’s all in my head.

So, I’m going to see Cutie, I’m sure, this upcoming week.  My FWB is going to visit family for quite a while, so that makes things easier there.  I have a date with the Doctor on Friday (third time is a charm, right?).  And, I’m not sure what else I have going on.  The married guy with the hall pass and I talk a lot.  I really like him for some reason.  But I’m not sure if I like him like that or if I want to go there.


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