Saturday night alone, by choice

I was supposed to meet someone Thursday night, and forgot then made plans to go running with a friend after work.  So, when he emailed to see if we were still on, I had to make up a lame excuse (actually, I was honest and told him I’d completely forgotten and accepted a late meeting at work — which wasn’t a lie because the run was with a coworker and it was scheduled through Outlook).  Never heard back.  He’s probably pissed and I don’t blame him. 

Then, I remembered today that on Friday night I made tentative plans with another guy for 7pm, but then never confirmed by responding to his email.  Oops!  Haven’t heard from him either.

What is wrong with me?

Yesterday the doctor (who cancelled last weekend due to illness) asked me out for the same night, and I considered it, but really all I wanted to do was rent a movie, cuddle with my puppy and be in bed by 10 and sleep in on Saturday, all the while doing the right thing to fuel a long run in the late morning.  So, I declined, telling him I had other plans, which I did, it’s not his business what they were.  That should teach him to make last minute plans with me anyway. 

Got a call from my FWB today asking if he could come over Monday and stay the night.  Barring any issues, of course he’ll be here.  I also received a text from the cutie from Thursday wanting to get it on, but he couldn’t commit to a time so I suggested we try for another night.  I’m not about to shave my legs and look cute for a 10PM date that might not happen.  No fuckin’ way.

The married guy with a hallpass hasn’t been able to meet up and frankly I’m not sure where that’s going to go.  He’s very sweet, more like boyfriend material, but clearly not a boyfriend.  And then there’s the married thing, and I’m not sure how I feel about that, even if his wife is all for it.  Sketchy. 

I maintain that AFF yields better men than Match or OK Cupid, and in some cases, they are the same men.  I’ve been contacted by two guys who I met through Match and so has a close friend of mine who decided to give AFF a try.  So, who knows how many men who haven’t contacted me are also posing on the other sites as a man supposedly looking for marriage?


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