I’m anti-dating these days.  Friday was my last day on Match.  And, I changed up my OK Cupid profile so that men probably won’t contact me.  Yes, I put my “list” up and mentioned a couple things I hate — such as facial hair, fat slobs, and flakes.  That ought to repel the men until I’m ready to get back out there.  I can write a damn good ad, but this will keep me out there while not attracting very many men.  Good?  Bad?  Don’t know, don’t care.

My marathon training is in full swing.  My FWB and I will stick together at least a little longer.  I never know with that guy.  Last I heard he’s potentially moving to Buffalo to take a new job.  Right.

I haven’t given up, just put things on hold.  I’ll check in, get you up to speed, and if I happen to date, I will give you all the run down.  Speaking of running . . .

3 thoughts on “Undating

  1. I just hid my profile too. It just stopped being fun, and you know what – I don’t miss it! I’ll go back someday but for now I’m content. My life is so, so full with my friends, family, hobbies and yes, my lovely FWBs.

    Good luck with the training!

  2. Hey, what marathon are you training for? I signed up for Newport next June and I think I’m going to do Vernonia and Columbia Gorge too. I keep saying 3 is my limit in one year, but I know myself and thats a lie. Good luck on your training. Unless you are a dreadmill user its very hard to motivate during this cold, wet and dreary Portland weather. Marathon training helps keep you going. 😉

    • I’m doing halves this year I decided (with the help of my physical therapist) and my first is the Rock-b-Roll in May. I’m also considering the Sauvie and possibly Portland. Call me crazy but I might do a race every month in 2012. That ought to keep me out of trouble, right? : )

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