Quick update

The guy from the other night, the one I liked, has not been in touch.  I guess I was wrong about that hug . . . must’ve been tequila-induced.

The Professor hasn’t been in touch about our date this weekend.  Not sure how that’s going to pan out.

Met a guy yesterday from Match.  He took me to lunch.  He was kinda funny, but I was not attracted.  He kept checking me out, like he was sizing up a steer coming up for bid at an auction.  Ick.

Today is my last day on Match.  I emailed a few of the men I’d been in contact with to let them know about my departure and to give them my personal email.  I don’t feel in the least bit anxious about leaving Match.  If I didn’t have a “what if?” thought in the back of my mind (as in, what if my Mr. Right comes along tomorrow and I miss him by five minutes?) I’d just nix the whole dating scene.  But, I hate wondering “what if?” so I’ll leave myself open to the possibilities.


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