Attitude adjustment

I re-read my last post, and boy do I sound like a bitch!  I guess I’m just getting tired of the single life.  Not that I’m not happy single, but the part where you’re actively looking for a relationship is just sucky.  It’s depressing, frustrating, and kinda sad.  Not to mention disappointing.  It makes me grouchy.  I really just want to be and let things happen, but it seems like at my age, that’s not an option. 

I will say, I went on a good date last night.  Technically it was a meeting, not a date.  This guy had emailed me and seemed nice, funny, sweet, pretty easy-going and lives near me.  He wasn’t the most attractive guy I’d ever seen and he’s pretty short, and short for me is short.  I decided to go out with him anyway because I had a good feeling about it. 

First, I had a classic blind date moment as I was waiting outside the restaurant/bar for him to show.  I arrived early and was enjoying my heated seat so I decided to wait for him to get there before going in.  Some guy kinda runs in, but it was like a zombie running.  He seemed anxious.  His hair was similar to my date’s and it was dark and rainy.  For a moment I was thinking about cancelling, last minute, telling him some story.  I just didn’t want to deal with another whack-job.  I sat there, contemplating for a minute or two, and the zombie-guy walked out, got into his car and took off.  He wasn’t carrying anything, like a take-out box.  I assumed it was my guy and he got cold feet or something.  I texted him to tell him I was there early (five minutes) and his text said he’d just arrived.  I half-way expected to see the zombie-guy’s car drive back into the lot.  Instead, as I got out of my car, I was approached by my date, who, thank god, was not zombie-guy.

At first, I was slightly disappointed, but he was a complete gentleman, so how could I not enjoy his company.  He was not awkward or nervous.  He was a great conversationalist.  He was polite.  And, he had this boyish way about him that was very sweet, but confident.  I could tell he was gentle, but not a wuss.  And, he looked to be in pretty good shape.  I don’t know if it was him or the tequila, but I had a good feeling.  He hasn’t contacted me to tell me how wonderful I am or to ask for a date, but it’s still early in the day.  I don’t know, the tight hug at the end of the night kinda told me to expect a call, but I could be wrong.


One thought on “Attitude adjustment

  1. Give it some time! If he contacts you too soon, he’ll look desperate. I found your blog while searching for fellow online dating bloggers and I love your banner! Very classy 🙂 Good luck with your search (I am 26 and single and believe me, I’ve had some pretty lousy dating experiences as well).

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