I’ve sunk to a new level

I went to a singles meet.

On Saturday night I agreed to go to a singles meet with a friend.  I didn’t know what to expect.  It ended up being a group of people, some who knew each other and some who didn’t, just hanging out at a bar.  There were about six women and five men.  Everyone was in their 30s.  The women were all very pretty, a few were quite overweight, one or two had kids.  The men were all pretty much ugly, none were overweight, one or two had kids. 

I hung out until people started getting drunk and obnoxious.  It was hard to believe that people in their mid-30s would get drunk and steal salt and pepper shakers from a bar.  The women started flirting with the least attractive men in the place, and I’m assuming it was to make themselves feel better, I don’t know.  Perhaps I’m boring because I just don’t think it’s very funny.  It’s stupid.  So, my friend and I left and went to grab a bite to eat and I was home by 12:30. 

I would probably go again, and now I am officially added to the group, but I won’t hang around for the drunken, childish games.  And, next time, the guy who kept squeezing my thigh under the table is going to get a good squeeze and not the kind that feels good.  Funny guy and I’m sure he meant no harm, but really?  He asked me out through our mutual friend the following day.  Too bad he looks like Elmer Fudd.

One of my guys from Match asked me out last minute on Saturday.  That is a bit of a turn-off for me.  Of course, I had plans.  He asked me out for lunch this week so I’ll be meeting him on Thursday.  I was supposed to meet someone else from Match over the weekend but never heard from him, so he can fuck off.  Finally, I was also supposed to meet someone for coffee yesterday but I ended up going to the beach for the day with some friends and our dogs so we rescheduled to one evening this week.

Another crazy week at the office, plus I have to get in three runs, I have my early morning workouts, two physical therapy appointments (nothing’s really wrong, just some muscle stuff keeping me from getting the distance I need in my running), a meeting with my FWB, a happy hour, a work dinner, a lunch . . . what else???


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