Another double

I had another back-to-back dating situation this weekend.

Last night I met up with the guy who was too good to be true.  I assumed it wasn’t going to happen because he never emailed me back.  I was kind-of relieved because I was feeling a little “off” about this one.  So, I texted him and find out and he apologized about not getting back to me, thinking we were all set.  We finalized things via text, which I guess were already finalized.

I showed up at the bar early (totally unlike me).  I was nervous because, as I mentioned before, this guy was too good to be true.  I found a spot looking right at the front door and waited.  Five minutes before our date, I saw a BMW drive by and park.  The driver went inside alone.  I assumed it was him.  So, I texted to let him know I arrived and he told me he was in a back booth.  I hate walking into a bar or coffee shop and looking around for my date.  Embarrassing!

So, I went inside, thinking the best but preparing for the worst.  At first I was disappointed.  He was heavier than his photos and not as attractive.  The photos were old.  However, when he smiled he was pretty handsome and had amazing teeth!  The weight is from his back surgery (college football).  He was given the green light to start working out again this week and says the 20 lbs will come right off.  He’s a year younger than I am and this was the first time I’ve ever so much as had a drink with someone younger than I am.  Weird, right?  But, he’s very wordly, intelligent (like, off the charts), mature, and chivalrous, so he actually seems older than I am.  He was so smart, so experienced, I felt a little intimidated, which was at the same time a turn-on.

We chatted for a few hours and while I thought he was interesting, he would go off on tangents and get really quiet so at times I had to ask him what in the hell he was even talking about (not like that, of course) and from time-to-time I felt a little bored, but it was also late (for me) and I was tired.

Bottom line is that this guy looks amazing on paper and in person he is a nice guy, but I’m not sure if there was any chemistry.  I’d be willing to go out with him again and find out.

Date two was late this morning.  We met for coffee close to my place.  He wasn’t bad looking and at first I took a liking to him.  However, as time went on, I liked him less and less.  It just wasn’t there.  But, I think the thing that really caused me to nix him as a potential is that he is very active in AA.  I think it’s great that he had an issue and did something about it.  I know a few people who could use the same resolve.  However, it’s a lifestyle for him and it seems that most of his friends are also involved in AA.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with it, I just don’t identify with it, and it’s not something I wish to become involved with.


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