Double date

I met Guy #1 at a bar near my house and ended up spending a few hours talking to him over a beer.  He is just what I thought — kind-of a player.  He’s attractive and charismatic, but not someone I would have a relationship with.  He just doesn’t have his shit together the way he should.  Maybe something casual, but only if he puts in the effort. 

I left Guy #1 and went to meet Guy #2 on the other side of town.  He was extremely nervous and awkward, kinda whiny, pretty much someone I would not even hang out with as a friend.  We chatted for about 45 minutes.  I drank water and because he was complaning about what a bad day he had for pretty much the entire time, I didn’t want to leave too soon, and make his day even worse.

So, that’s that.  It worked out OK because I didn’t have to drive far and I didn’t have to get ready to go out.  I did miss dinner (a handful of fries and one piece of chicken and a beer) and because I wasn’t home much after work, I had to stay up late and play with my dog, which meant I missed my workout this morning.  Was it worth it?  No, not really.

I was contacted by someone too good to be true.  I’m skeptical.  I will keep you updated.


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