You talked me into it

This week has been somewhat quiet as far as work, running and social obligations.  So, the two most persistent guys on get to take me out for a drink tonight.  No, not at the same time (though that would be sooooo efficient).  I promised each of them an hour, one right after work and one right before bed.  Both dates are in different locations, but in a 10-minute drive from my apartment.  This is a perfect scenario for me.  Kinda selfish, I realize, but I just can’t make this a priority right now.  I have no expectations.  But, I did blow-dry my hair this morning and I wore a cute outfit. 

One thing I’ve realized, is that I need persistent.  Not annoying and not someone to chase me.  I return calls and emails within 48 hours.  To do otherwise is just rude.  But someone who shows an interest and doesn’t forget about me is something you don’t see much in the online world, and something I have missed since starting this whole . . . experiment journey.


2 thoughts on “You talked me into it

  1. What do you mean by persistent here? Is it just maintains the communications at the same rate as you (or slightly faster, e.g. writes within 36hrs of your reply instead of 48) , or something more than that?

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