Glad this week is almost over

It’s not that this week has been particularly bad, it’s just that after this week, I think I’m going to give dating a break for a bit.  At least the part where I meet new men and become completely frustrated at wasting my time. I didn’t have a date on Tuesday because it was my best friend’s birthday and celebrating with her was obviously a priority.  We were both pretty tired and ended the night at 9:00.  But, I have a date every day this week.  I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

Last night was my least favorite date ever (I would end that sentence with “so far” but I’m trying to stay positive).  Though I haven’t met anyone I’ve really been into, at the very least they have been interesting or entertaining, in their own, unique way.  This guy was not only very unattractive but he had the personality of a brick.  I showed up, ordered water, let him finish his beer and then said I had to go. 

This guy finally emailed me.  While he thinks I’m a good conversationalist and I’m attractive, he just didn’t feel a significant connection.  I feel the same way.  The guy from Sunday emailed me, too, and it sounds like he’s feeling things out and will ask me on a date.


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