How does he not know?

If you have watched Sex and the City, you know who this guy is.  Well, this was pretty much my date tonight.  As a bonus, he kinda looked like this guy, too.  I spoke and he threw in little barbs and jokes and tried to be funny, but all is resulted in was throwing off my train of thought and saying, “what?”, and then him saying, “nothing” and me trying to get back to what I was saying.  Or, he would talk and I could follow him because of the random sarcastic comments inserted all over the place, breaking up everything he said, plus the pretend asides don’t work well if it’s loud. He was a diva to the extreme and a bit of an ass.

This is the second man I’ve met from the internet who has been, or at least acted, gay.  This one was completely over the top. I guess there is a chance he’s not gay.  But I’m not sure how.

I’m all for gay, straight, whatever and whoever you are.  I really don’t care.  But it’s sort-of a waste of time for me since I’m not attracted to gay men (I’m a straight woman, afterall).  And, I can’t imagine that no one has ever said, “you know, you come across as 110% gay”, so maybe . . .  Well, I don’t know.  If he’s not gay and people tell him they act it or they always thought he was until they found out that his ex’s name is Christine and not Chris, then I’m not sure what he’s supposed to do and I suppose I should feel empathy for the guy.

Still, I’m frusrated.


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