Round and round

This dating thing is sort of like doing the same thing over and over again, just with different people.  I love meeting new men and most of the guys I agree to go out with are interesting, intellectual, intelligent (the “three i-s” apparently), nice and very much gentlemen.  But, as I mentioned in my last post, what’s missing is the attraction.  I have been unattracted to a few of my dates, but certainly not repulsed, yet I haven’t met anyone I want to kiss, touch or sleep with.

I met another guy from a dating site this afternoon.  His profile photos did not show a particularly handsome man, but he was in good shape.  I don’t have a type and sexual attraction is a funny thing for me.  It happens when least expected.  He was the “three i-s” and upon meeting, a perfect gentleman.  We met at the museum, he bought my ticket, and we wandered around.  It was fun and we managed to talk quite a bit. He held doors open, pulled out my chair, and bought me a drink afterward.  You could tell this is just what he did. It wasn’t an act.

However, he was very . . . Portland.  We’re talking roommate (he’s 40), not sure if he has a car, dressed like a slob but clean and purposefully cut off from anything main stream with the exception of a cell phone.  But, I get the feeling that there is more than meets the eye with him because he is also a business man and is from New Jersey, and after talking to him, he seems more well-rounded than he looks.  So, if he calls me again, I will give him another chance.  He had lovely hands. Weird, but true. He seemed to like me, but my pressed jeans, boots, Ann Taylor sweater, preppy rain coat, Coach purse and brand-new car may have turned him off and I might not be his type either.

After our meeting I headed to another part of town to meet my BFF to help her pick out new bedding for her room. We went to dinner and then I headed off to meet my FWB who I hadn’t seen for about a month, which is pretty much on par for us.  We went through our normal routine of molesting each other before I have my coat off, running to his room to fuck our brains out, then laying in bed for a couple hours catching up.

Things went awry for my BFF and her FWB recently.  It was a long-time relationship of over a year, but less consistent than my relationship, as they were both dating and trying to get into relationships with other people.  My FWB is not interested in a relationship so he’s not pursuing anything, and I’m kind-of in the same boat, though I’m being more open than he is and frankly, I’m still asking myself why (but that’s another story for another day).  I’m sure if something fell in his lap he’d be all over it, but he couldn’t be busier and adding more to his plate each time I see him.  Anyway, my FWB and I don’t talk about what we’re doing, so I wanted to make sure that we’re cool because I really like him as a person and I don’t want things to go sour.  I probably couldn’t stand hanging out with him for too long, which is why he’s not relationship material in my eyes (plus he’s never managed to have a relationship over a couple months) but that’s beside the point.  I’m not his type because I didn’t go to law school, I’m divorced and I have a dog.  Talk about picky . . .

After we were dressed, I asked him if he thought what we are doing is weird. He said he didn’t know because he’d never done it before.  I was surprised, but pretended not to be.  He’s really quite innocent. “It works for us though, don’t you think?”, I asked.  He said it did and I believe him.  He told me an ex-girlfriend of his friended him on Facebook and that she looked old and fat.  I asked if she had a kid.  He said no.  I asked if she got married.  He said yes.  “That’s what happens when you get married”, I told him.  “I don’t ever want to get married”, he said.  I told him, “This is perfect then because no one is going to get fat.”  He laughed and we kissed good-bye.

My date from last night still hasn’t contacted me.


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