Catching up

I’m not sure what is going on, but my online dating in-boxes are over-flowing with both the good and the bad.  Keeping caught up is a challenge.  But, I have learned that for every person that regularly replies to emails, there are about three who do not.  This is why I never put my eggs in one basket.  Men will email you, you will email them back, and then you won’t hear from them again.  Perhaps they are busy, they decide they aren’t in to you after all or maybe they meet someone new, and put all their eggs in one basket?  Who knows . . .

I came back from vacation wanting to be in a relationship.  I don’t know why I had this sudden urge to be part of a couple.  I spent a few days bummed out about it.  And then, I got back into the swing of things and haven’t given it another thought.  I guess this experience made me realize how some women (and friends of mine), especially those who spend a lot of time alone not doing anything, can get caught up in the wanting a relationship thing.  Especially if they are watching a lot of television and relationship stuff is usually being thrown in your face.  Because I was tired and getting caught up with sleep and life, I wasn’t exercising or spending time with friends, so I felt lonely and bored.  And that’s how we end up in relationships that aren’t good for us or aren’t a good fit.  Sometimes we need these reminders.

I’ve been back for less than a week.  I had a date planned yesterday evening, but I ended up agreeing to babysit for a friend whose sitter had fallen through.  I really couldn’t say no — I owed her.  My date, a guy who kind-of rubbed me the wrong way from the beginning by being kinda pushy about what we would do on our meeting date (he wanted to have a beer then go to the movies and I said no to the movies), thought my four-hour cancellation was last-minute and became irritated with me.  He then proceeded to get over that and ask me personal questions via texting (we hadn’t even spoken on the phone) such as whether or not I am passionate or affectionate.  Then he tells me what a great kisser he is.  This guy was 45 years old, not some kid.  I told him I changed my mind about meeting, that I didn’t think we’d be a good fit afterall.  Then he went berzerk.  I’m really glad I didn’t end up meeting him in person.  What a creep!

On Friday this guy asked me to go to dinner with him this weekend.  I’m really looking forward to it.  It’s weird because I’m looking forward to spending time with him like I would look forward to spending time with a friend.  I’m not nervous.  I’m not imagining the first kiss.  But at the same time, I feel attracted to him.  Kinda weird, really.

There are several more men I’m talking to, but until we meet, no use saying much about them.


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