It’s funny how things work sometimes

I re-instated my OK Cupid account.  I guess I’ve been feeling more confident lately, not so afraid of rejection or lack of interest.  And, I don’t know, for some reason I’m feeling more . . . open.

I received a note from someone who interested me.  He wasn’t gorgeous, but there was something about him that intrigued me.  I responded and we ended up emailing.  LIke any good online dater, he asked me out immediately and we decided to meet this evening for a quick drink.

I had to work today — deadline — so I asked if he would mind coming to my side of town.  I felt bad, but it was the only way I would be able to do it.  He agreed, and was sweet about it.  When I was in a good place at the office, I got ready and left for the meeting place early, since I knew parking could be tricky.

It was 6:40 and I was 20 minutes early.  To bide the time, I sat on a park bench and called a friend to chat.  The guy and I had decided to meet for frozen yogurt (I’m getting sick of drinks or coffee) and at five minutes to seven I walked to the store.  And waited.  At five minutes after seven, I texted him to let him know I was there. He texted back that he was on his way.  And then I waited some more.

Just to preface this a bit . . . After a fitful night without much sleep, I was up at 6:30 AM. I went for a long, uphill run in the heat at 8AM.  After eating and showering, I went into the office and frantically worked until I left to meet this guy. Besides breakfast at 10AM, the only thing I’d eaten was whatever I could scrounge at the office: a handful of Wheat Thins, some almonds and dried cranberries.  I was hot, tired and hungry.

At 7:20 I decided I was done.  I had told this guy that I was under a deadline (which was why I needed to meet close to my office) and I knew he had his cell phone on him, so why couldn’t he text me or call to let me know he was running late and to apologize?  I was also texting my friend, to let her know how annoyed I was, and, well, I just got myself all worked up and pissed.

I left at 7:21.  I thought about texting him or calling him and let him know but then I decided to let him sit there alone and wait it out.  As I was driving toward home, fuming, thinking about the situation, it suddenly hit me that we did not decide to meet at 7:00, we decided to meet at 7:30!

Holy shit!

I took a left back into the shopping center, sped through the parking lot and parked at 7:28, getting to the store before 7:30.  All I could think about was what an ass I would have made of myself had I gone home.  I even bought his yogurt because I felt guilty!  Which, by the way, was the first time in my life I have ever sprung for the first date.

A few hours later, he bought our drinks . . .  I think I might kinda like this guy.


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