Feast or famine

Seems like the dating thing has quite the extreme highs and lows when it comes to numbers, anyway.

After dating the guy I just wasn’t into, I found some confidence in myself.  The working out is helping, too.  I’m feeling hotter and looking hotter.  Feels good!  However, I wasn’t feeling so “hot” on Friday and it turns out I had strep throat, so with my antibiotics and a few movies, I stayed in all of Friday night and Saturday.  While I was going stir-crazy hanging out in my apartment I decided to go on Match and start “winking”. 

I pulled up all possible matches and winked away for at least two hours.  It was exhausting!  I can’t even imagine emailing all those guys, being witty and interesting.  And, to be honest, even though I was going to start contacting men, it’s just not me.  I think a “wink” is appropriate, then you need to let them take the lead.  It just works better that way.  And, I’m not a chaser.  Never have been and never will be.

I’m emailing a few.  I told one of my serial texter guys that I’m done being his penpal.  We either meet, or we don’t.  So he set up a date and time.  I’m not all that excited about this one, but I’ll let him buy me a drink.


4 thoughts on “Feast or famine

  1. I’m not really a chaser either. I’ll make an effort if I’m interested, but if a woman doesn’t put in some effort as well, I move on. This is after years of experience of putting a lot of effort in with women who had either no interest or lukewarm interest, and also from seeing that the women I ended up dating always have stepped up fairly quickly. I might have done the work to get the first date, but they didn’t sit around and expect me to keep doing all the work after that.

    Imagine how exhausting it is for guys to write e-mail after e-mail to women on online profiles, specifically addressing things in their profiles, only to receive a few replies which maybe lead to one or two dates. Winking is easy compared to that.

    • Yeah, I really got the guy’s point of view after trying to respond to profiles for awhile. It’s like having another full-time job, really. Not much different than applying for job openings.

      If someone texts/emails/calls me, I return the communication when I can. I don’t pretend to be busy when I’m not. I am often busy and unable to get back to someone or at least send them a thoughtful reply. But I don’t delay on purpose or for any other reason. Unless I’m not interested.

      But, I never chase or pursue. I don’t think it works.

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