So many men . . . so little time

Between work, working out, friends, family, my dog, getting ready to take off on vacation for a few weeks, and just living, I have been dating.

First, I want to say that I’m finally seeing some results from my workouts and I’m going from “a few extra lbs” to “about average”.  Well, at least I think I am.  OK, let’s not get into this again.  Anyway, I’m very happy and excited and more important, I feel great!

I had a date with that guy again.  I need to pick a name . . .  We met for dinner on Friday.  He offered to drive clear over to my side of town to pick me up and then again to drop me off.  Very sweet.  I declined because being that I’m not sure about him, I didn’t want to deal with the awkward end of date “Can I come in?” question and I didn’t want him to go through too much trouble when I wasn’t sure how I felt.  I was already having heartburn about the end of the date kiss.

We met at an unpretentious downtown restaurant, had some wine and dinner, and talked until we were kicked out of the place.  As I sat across from him, I would go between thinking he’s attractive and liking him, to just thinking of him as friend material.  There was definitely friend chemistry, but I’m not sure about boyfriend chemistry.

When our evening ended, he drove me to my car (he was parked close, I was not).  I was really nervous about the kiss because I was, at this point, thinking friend only.  He went for it and I allowed myself to kiss him back.  Not bad.  He pulled me closer and was more affectionate than I expected.  And, I guess the only thing that kind-of turned me off was that he was making noise as we kissed.  You know, like, “mmmm”.  Weird.  I was surprised when I felt some tingling during our kiss, but then again, I’m such a horn-dog I would probably feel the same if I made out with a telephone pole.  The next day I received an email with a dinner invite.  This time, he wants to cook for me at his place.  I don’t know, but it sounds like he’s planning on getting in my pants.  I have yet to commit to a date on this one.

I had been chatting with another guy who I thought I’d really like.  Well, we met last night and yeah . . . not happening.  On my way home, I made a booty call and hooked-up with my FWB.  We had an amazing time, unlike our last meet-up.  And, this time I didn’t stick around to chat for long, so he didn’t irritate me or make me reconsider spending time with him.


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