What I’ve been up to

Besides ruminating over the proper way to describe my body over the internet (really?) I’ve been doing this whole dating thing. Taking the bull by the horns, and all that.

Out of all of the men I’ve emailed, one replied.  We met on Thursday evening. It was probably the worst first meeting I’ve had.  I mean, he was really cute, but . . . I don’t know if it was just me not really wanting to be there, or his boring-ness or what.

First, I arrived 15 minutes late.  Traffic was a bear.  I had no way to reach him to let him know, so while sitting in traffic I downloaded the online app for Match and emailed him that way.  It was my only option, really.  The 15 minute drive took closer to 45.  What could I do?

When I arrived, he was sitting at the bar chatting with another woman.  Which was fine.  But I was automatically turned off when I realized he’d been telling this woman about how it was an online meeting thing.  He said he wasn’t sure what protocal was and was considering leaving.  I guess I was a little embarrassed that everyone in the small place knew this was an online dating meet up.  Just not something I personally like to broadcast, and it kinda put me on the spot.

Conversation was awkward.  When the bartender came by our table, my date ordered a salad.  I followed suit, even though I didn’t want to eat.  I wasn’t going to have a drink because I wanted to go for a run after the date and I don’t drink and run — it’s dangerous.  So, we ate salads, drank water and had a crappy conversation.

At one point, I realize that out of nerves, I was using my hands to talk.  I flung my sunglasses across the room.  Then, I choked on my water.  There were lots of times he didn’t hear me, and of course it was always when I was trying to make a joke.  Just a big, awkward fail.

A labored hour-and-a-half later, my date is looking at his watch, then starts kinda getting anxious, and says “Sorry, but I’ve really got to go.  I’m going to be late.”  I can’t stand people who get all weird and crazy-like when they get stressed.  It grates on my last nerve while also making me feel uncomfortable.  Finally, he gets the bill, drops a $20, and we get up to leave.  We part ways at the corner to go to our respective cars, say good-bye, and never hear from one another again.

So, I have a meeting tomorrow after work that I’m not really into.  Luckily, unbeknownst to my date, he chose a location in walking distance of my home, so why not?


2 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to

  1. You know, I kind of think it’s impossible to pin down body descriptions online. Because everyone seems to have different definitions. A handful of good pictures are much better if you can do that. Maybe get a friend or family member to take some shots of you or something.

    And it sounds like you and your date were just mirroring each other. I have found that when things are really flat, it can get awkward fast. Sometimes, it’s just hard to make a graceful exit.

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