No winners

I’ve met five men from the internet since my break-up with the Ex.

I met one guy for drinks, but he sat in the dining room of the restaurant instead of the bar, so I was his captive audience through drinks, appetizers, dinner, and dessert.  His online photos were old and he’d gained at least 30 lbs since they were taken.  I could have lived with that, as he carried it well and seemed to be doing something about it.  Bitching and moaning about all of the people who had done him wrong in life was a huge turn-off, on top of the fact that I’m 95% certain that he was gay.  He asked to see me again, I said no thanks.

The second one was close to 50 years old even though he told me he was 37.  He confessed after a few martinis, but he didn’t have to.  It was perfectly clear.  I didn’t go out with him again either.  Fucking liar.

The third one was a nice guy, I guess, but we were like night and day.  He was semi-hippy and kinda artsy.  We didn’t hit it off at all.

I went out with someone new in town.  He was only 40, but looked older.  His dragon breath just about knocked me out and he had a tic.  It was like mild turrets.  He thought he was the bees knees, but beyond his trendy jeans (that he clearly bought in the young men’s section at Nordstrom) he was kinda gross.  He tried to kiss me when he walked me to my car (gag!), but I refused and never heard from him again.

JK and I . . . well, that’s working out better than not, but I don’t see that lasting much longer.  Our libidos just don’t mesh — something he’s openly acknowledged — and I know that he is looking for a wife to have babies with.  Not that I wouldn’t be open to that, should the right person come along, but he’s just not it.

I took down my profiles in frustration, but recently, I’ve re-posted them.  I don’t know why.  I’m pretty happy with the way things are.  If JK and I saw each other more, I may not have re-posted them, but sex every six weeks is just not enough for this girl.  I also feel like I should just be open to possibilities, even if I’m not necessarily persuing anything.


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