Internet rebound

Before I moved out of the home I shared with my Ex I was ready to rebound.  What is it about the end of a relationship that makes a person want to jump right back into the fire?  Toward the end, all I could think about was doing everything my way, having my stuff, doing whatever I wanted to do.  So, why the hurry?  I don’t know.  Maybe I felt good because I was finally doing something for myself.  Maybe I just wanted sex.  Or maybe it was sex with someone new and with someone who might actually appreciate me.

I placed an ad for non-serious relationship.  It was flagged immediately.  I placed another one.  Flagged again.  I placed a few more and they were all flagged.  But, between flagging, I did receive a few interesting, some bad, and some good replies.  One reply was a guy who was one of those who, because we had a lot in common, felt we were soulmates before we even met in person.  I gave him the boot early on.  A couple more were “seperated” and one was definitely married.  No thanks.  From my final post I received one good reply from JK.  He was cute, looked good on paper, and was willing to meet right away instead of dealing with the online BS.

We met one evening only a week after I moved into my own place.  We had an enjoyable evening and parted ways without a kiss or an “I’ll call you later”.  JK ended up getting back in touch, but our corespondence was always lukewarm.  Then, one day out of the blue, it went from lukewarm to hot-as-fire, and we decided to give it another go.

Everything was great, super, really, but he lasted maybe a few minutes.  I hoped we’d continue getting together so we could work our way to longer lasting, uh, times, and I could tell he had a lot of potential, plus some of his former nerdiness was a little endearing.  But, JK is a FWB situation only.  No chemistry and while I like him as a human being, I don’t think I could spend more than a few hours with him at one time.


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